Add hotkeys for navigating up and down on the sidebar file explorer

Use case or problem

When focusing the sidebar (via “Reveal active file in file explorer” hotkey), you are able to navigate up and down, using the up and down keys on your keyboard. I would really like to remap these, as they are hard to reach when my hands are resting naturally at the normal “asdf” row.

Proposed solution

Add 2 new hotkeys:

  • “Navigate sidebar up” moves the sidebar cursor up one row
  • “Navigate sidebar down” move the sidebar cursor down one row

Related feature requests

If you’re using Windows, look up how to use AutoHotkey to remap those arrows keys to the home row.

I second the request. This was also described here:
File Explorer: Navigation Hotkeys
… but someone deemed the Quick Explorer to be sufficient :person_shrugging:
What I’m seeking is the ability to use e.g. CTRL+PgUp / CTRL+PgDwn to move up and down the file explorer without loosing focus from the contents of the document.

Just to give an example of a use case - I often catch myself going up and down a series of daily logs in search of a specific phrase or section - this can be done instantly with e.g. OneNote. Not the case with Obsidian currently (mouse clicks all the way :person_facepalming:).