Add graph CSS class for styling links to non-existing notes

TL;DR: In graph view, add ability to links to existing nodes differently from links to non-existing nodes. Currently you can style the nodes differently but not the links.

Obsidian 0.9.0 added .graph-view.color-fill-unresolved for styling non-existing note nodes in graph view. This is really helpful to distinguish existing from non-existing nodes by styling them differently.

However, it is still difficult to visually distinguish existing vs. non-existing parts of the network when all link-lines are the same color, particularly in dense areas of the graph.

This is a request to add a new CSS class .color-line-unresolved (or other appropriate name) to style link-lines pointing to non-existing nodes.


Implemented in 0.9.4

I think you mis-read my feature request. The request is about styling the link lines in graph view, not the editor. Would you please reopen?

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