Styling for internal link without file (After 0.9.4 in edit mode)

I definitely voted for this feature request with edit mode in mind. I greatly appreciate the devs forward progress, but I don’t think anyone on this thread had preview-only styling in mind. Others can weigh in, but I think the request should stay open since it’s only been partially implemented.

Re: Opening a new thread specific to edit mode… This feature request merges several threads, many-times-voted-for, going back to May. Starting a brand new thread specific to edit mode would erase all the goodwill and energy that people have put behind this request. Please reconsider!


I partially agree. I also want to style unresolved links in edit mode, but there are difficulties in CodeMirror to consider:

Probably not for a while - the difficulty lies in that a CodeMirror mode isn’t as easy to interface for a dynamic status like “is this link unresolved”

Have to remember that CodeMirror is designed to syntax highlight a programming language, for which the “syntax” is static, global and unchanging. Unresolved link is a dynamic status that depends on the state of the app

I don’t have any strong opinions on re-opening, my point was that it makes more sense to focus efforts on WYSIWYG than to make unresolved links work in edit mode, in which case I don’t think keeping this particular thread open makes a lot of difference.

Edited to add the comment in discord.

I can’t read that Discord message since it’s in the Support lounge. But I take your point that there are limitations of CodeMirror that make this feature request hard for edit mode.

I fully support focusing on WYSIWYG since that’s higher priority. At the same time, it’s not obvious to me that a new WYSIWYG editor will automatically fulfill this feature request. If it doesn’t, then all the people on this thread are still going to be in support of this feature request.

Since WYSIWYG is a mix of preview and edit mode, my best guess is that it will. I’ll edit the title to reflect what is missing.

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This would allow us to style the links that don’t have pages in edit mode, which is not yet possible because the only class for links in the edit mode is cm-hmd-internal-link, so there is no differentiation between the two states (created vs not, in the edit mode).

For context, I’d like to achieve something similar to this, but during edit mode, i.e: just adding an emoji for non-existing files (:sparkles:), like this:

.is-unresolved::after {
  content: " ✨"; 
.is-unresolved {
  opacity: 1 !important;

Currently, the way it works is with opacity: 0.5 but I think this is a very small difference that can go unnoticed, so the emoji helps with visibility (it’s up to anyone to change it – it’s custom CSS after all)

This makes it really obvious to differentiate which pages are not created and which ones are, in the preview mode. It’s just not yet possible to have the same behavior in the edit mode.

This, I believe, would help avoid/mitigate the creation of new blank pages by mistake when navigating from the edit view.

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Current workaround

Markdown links do not show preview on Ctrl+hover in edit mode yet, so I have to switch to “preview” mode, locate the link, see link color, switch back and locate the link again.
When using wiki-links, I have to grab mouse, press Ctrl and hover over the link.

Related feature requests

keywords: differentiate, display, distinguish, missing, nonexistent note/file, non-existent, style, target, visually distinct

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Not sure if this has died, but to toss in one more wish for this to also work in edit mode.

I’m one of the apparently few folks that practically never uses preview mode. Notes are text, I’m fine reading text, don’t go back and forth. Even if I ‘surf’ on preview mode, if I’m really working on them, I’m editing…

Like you, I rarely use Preview Mode. I’m 99% in Edit Mode and do not mind looking at markdown. I’m here for the network effect of plain text notes. Which is why this feature request would be so helpful.


This would be a great feature. If we could add something like this to our snippet and it would work that would be great.

cm-s-obsidian , .cm-s-obsidian  {       opacity: 0.5;    }

It is very useful to be able to stay in edit mode sometimes, particularly when doing input work. Once one has developed the layout, during construction time there is not a lot of need for preview mode.

So thumbs up for this please :seedling:

I’m one of the apparently few folks that practically never uses preview mode. Notes are text, I’m fine reading text, don’t go back and forth.

I’m another edit-mode-only user. The only enhanced-text I really need is the links, otherwise absolute plain text is great. I even changed the editor font to fixed width so I could continue to use indentation and tab tables (which are completely destroyed in preview, obviously). But I’m currently stuck with preview sitting open so I can see which links are what (I’ve got red unresolved links in preview). This is one of only two things that currently urks me about Obsidian, which is otherwise a fantastic piece of software.

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Use case or problem

it is impossible to understand in the editor whether the link refers to an existing file

Proposed solution

mark with a different color as in the preview mode

please add without styling in editor mode, visually it doesn’t change in any way, but we will be able to edit css and add to our own themes


Just adding another voice for is-unresolved in edit mode.



I would also love to have this feature implemented!

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Added a like — I hear the technical difficulty, but I rarely use Preview mode in my notes vault. I might use WYSIWYG when it arrives. But I’m unlikely to use WYSIWYG (full-time) in my projects vault, where I would only use it (or Preview) when I revise my writing (changing the look gives me some useful distance).

Hi. I use tabular format a lot. And I agree that having a readable, neat text document is very desirable. Consequently I would like to be able to change the obsidian editor font (note: NOT the preview, CSS-styled font) to a fixed width font. I seem to have somehow achieved this in some notes on my computer but I’ve forgotten how. I store my notes in iCloud so my notes are available on all my (apple) devices - however on my iPad, I can’t seem to get a fixed width font to work for the editor. Of course, I can use a stylesheet to monospace the preview text - but there’s no point in doing that for me! I would appreciate any ideas on setting the editor font. Cheers!

I’m another edit-only user, and would find it very helpful to have an “is-unresolved” class for internal links in edit mode. I just went down the rabbit hole of picking apart theme CSS in an attempt to customize. I don’t fully grok the CodeMirror dependency, but I do hope a workaround is possible.

For the new editor, also see Toggles for Partial Live Preview

will be implemented in the new editor in 0.13.11


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