Display links to existent/nonexistent targets as visually distinct also in edit mode, not only in preview

keywords: differentiate, display, distinguish, missing, nonexistent note/file, non-existent, target, visually distinct

Current workaround (optional)

markdown links are not yet Ctrl+clickable and do not show preview on Ctrl+hover in edit mode, so I have to switch to “preview” mode, locate the link, see link color, switch back and locate the link again.
When using wiki-links, I have to grab mouse, press Ctrl and hover over the link.

Related feature requests (optional)

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@malecjan There’s already an open feature request for this. I’d suggest posting over there to lend your voice of support:

@dsteinbock Thank you, I did not find that topic based on keywords I used in search. I voted for it now.

@admins Thank you for merging the topics.

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