Add commands for navigation - cursor-right, left, up, down, etc

As asked here - How do you bind hotkeys to cursor movement?

Use case or problem

I navigate using cmd+ijkl in Emacs and vscode, and would like to do so in Obsidian also. My down arrow key doesn’t work very well.

Proposed solution

Expose cursor movement commands so can bind keys to them.

Could follow vscode conventions for command names - eg

cursorDown, cursorRight, cursorWordLeft, cursorPageEnd, cursorTop, etc.

search ‘cursor’ in Keyboard Shortcuts for all of them.

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If stuck and a Mac user:

  • CTRL p = up
  • CTRL n = down
  • CTRL b = left
  • CTRL f = right


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Would very much like this too. CTRL + p/n/b/f is no good for me.