Ability to navigate and operate on folders

This should be possible, because I saw you can right click a file and move it to a folder.

I’d like the ability to jump to folders. It would be very useful to be able to jump to a topic.

Please add a hotkey for quick switching to a folder then seeing a menu with what is in the folder. I guess this goes hand in hand with making obsidian a better file explorer which i feel it is its biggest flaw. Current workaround: i try to jump to a file related to the folder I want, then use the the quick explorer plugin hotkey to browse current folder (this opens a menu of all the files in the folder of the file you are currently viewing) and find the different file I want.


What I read in your request is the ability to navigate to a folder, so that you can view it, or do operations on it. Do you mind if I change the topic to: “Ability to navigate and operate on folders”?

I think that would be more general than focusing only on the quick switcher. For example, it would be nice to be able to select a folder in the file explorer with the mouse. Or use the quick switcher. Or use an Obsidian URL to jump to a folder. Or have the ability to use a wiki link to a folder.

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I don’t mind.

if you use note folder plugin. you can change all folders into notes and navigate between them via quick switch. Although I think it could be implemented into core obsidian in a better way because it is such a core issue.