Ability to navigate and operate on folders

This should be possible, because I saw you can right click a file and move it to a folder.

I’d like the ability to jump to folders. It would be very useful to be able to jump to a topic.

Please add a hotkey for quick switching to a folder then seeing a menu with what is in the folder. I guess this goes hand in hand with making obsidian a better file explorer which i feel it is its biggest flaw. Current workaround: i try to jump to a file related to the folder I want, then use the the quick explorer plugin hotkey to browse current folder (this opens a menu of all the files in the folder of the file you are currently viewing) and find the different file I want.


What I read in your request is the ability to navigate to a folder, so that you can view it, or do operations on it. Do you mind if I change the topic to: “Ability to navigate and operate on folders”?

I think that would be more general than focusing only on the quick switcher. For example, it would be nice to be able to select a folder in the file explorer with the mouse. Or use the quick switcher. Or use an Obsidian URL to jump to a folder. Or have the ability to use a wiki link to a folder.

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I don’t mind.

if you use note folder plugin. you can change all folders into notes and navigate between them via quick switch. Although I think it could be implemented into core obsidian in a better way because it is such a core issue.

I think this is the best feature request ever. I use Obsidian as my File Explorer and I also use the workarounds via note and then using a hotkey CTRL+R for “Reveal File in Navigation”. But with a large file structure it is not working as it is not moving visibly.

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I have created a workaround. I created in each folder a file (this is optional “with the name of the folder”). To find a folder I do the next steps. First I use CTRL+SHIFT+F to do a search. Than I type “path:” + a unique part of the folder name. Than I have to do 6 Obsidian Hotkeys and I use 1 plugin. To make this easy. I have created a multiple action button on my Stream Deck.
System: Hotkey Select First Search Result = Arrow Down
System: Hotkey Open Note = ENTER
System: Hotkey Collapse all folders = plugin = ALT+C
System: Hotkey Reveal in File Navigation = CTRL+R
System: Hotkey Focus on pane to the right = ALT+P
System: Hotkey Close Open File = CTRL+W
It works as the folders are in the visible part of the screen. But otherwise I still have to use the mouse to scroll to the folder. But you see witch one it is as it is the only one that is open.
It is not perfect as it only works on my PC and Mac but not on mobile. Maybe I can try with shortcuts on my iPhone.
Does anyone now a better solution? The best of course would be as this would be integrated as a core feature in Obsidian or in a plugin.

You could save a little work by using the Quick Switcher instead.

For the problem of “Reveal File” not scrolling, I find I sometimes have to do it more than once, and that it sometimes leaves the file scrolled just past the edge of the screen.

HI. Thanx. That is a good idea. I have tested it.

Please add this feature ASAP

Until this feature in implemented, I will have to create vaults for each of the sub-folders I use on a regular basis

would really really want this feature…or just even get a URL for a folder so we can use that too quick jump to a folder


This is a crucial feature request. This is my number one problem with Obsidian; file navigation is too awkward and difficult, and it makes finding and organizing my notes unmanageable.

Example: just now I wanted to create a note to log all the different plugins, settings, hotkeys, etc., I’ve added to try to make Obsidian more easily navigable and usable for me. So I think to myself “if I already created some sort of style guide / instructional note like this, it would be in the folder X. Let me navigate to that folder to see if there’s something like that there; if not, I’ll just create this new note.” Then I try to find folder X. If I search globally for X, only irrelevant files come up. If I use the Quick Switcher, nothing shows up, because it’s a folder, not a file. I have a decent amount of nested folders (not a ton, but enough), so it seems my only option is to manually click and expand and scan through every single folder until I find the folder I’m looking for. The file tree alternative plugin solves this partly, but complicates things bc now I have two file explorers, and still no quick keyboard means to switch to new folders. Another plugin, Quick Explorer, also provides only a partial, ultimately unsatisfying solution that further complicates my Obsidian UX.

Folders are my crucial organizing tool, as I’m sure they are for lots of other people. It should be possible to search for a folder in just the same way as we search for files, and see the folder displayed in the file menu / left sidebar once it’s selected.

An example of an app that does this perfectly is Things 3. Their Quick Find shows Projects (folders) first, below that are Tasks (similar to files), and below that is a Continue Search button to show a lot more granular, overwhelming search results. (Related complaint: Obsidian’s global search starts by displaying the granular, overwhelming results :confused: )

I think the most straightforward way to improve this would be to just update the Quick Switcher in Obsidian. This would be such a huge improvement!!! I would be so so grateful if you guys did this! I really don’t want to switch to a new note taking app but this is seriously frustrating me. There’s so much I like about Obsidian but this issue really hampers me from using and enjoying it. It just adds so much friction to doing anything.


^^^ Yes, this, please ^^^

Very well said - can’t agree more!
I am in process of migrating my notes from Agenda.app, which handles this use-case perfectly (similar to how Things 3 does this).

Efficient navigation (regardless of how you organize your notes - by folders, tags or links) is crucial for such a tool.

I would be happy to see this implemented as part of future update of the Quick Switcher plugin - as such feature deserves to be part of the core plugins. Alternatively, the Quick Switcher++ could be an alternative party - to provide such functionality in further version of theplugin.

The folder/file panel on the left should be keyboard sensitive.
I.e., as I begin to type, the first matched item should be selected.

The last comment about this issue was July 2022, and nothing has been done.
Navigating the folder hierarchy is a complete pain in the rear.

I also notice that my comment is marked as “4 months later” - it’s 16 months later!!!

I agree that this is also a critical feature request. Current folder navigation methods in Obsidian add too much friction to my workflow (FileTree Alternative plugin, etc.). I am suprised that no community plugin exists that provides a more streamlined/efficient file explorer system.

I want this function too, thank you!

Yes! I was baffled when I realized I couldn’t search for a folder. Or click on a folder to see its contents in the main pane (vs some dinky little file tree that quickly gets too wide).

This would be a good feature request. Thanks.

It is a good feature request!

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