A plugin to hotkey Alternative Checkboxes? / > ? I x - p

Comming from a Bullet Journal workflow, I love to categorize my tasks with icons. I saw that there’s alternative checkboxes in the minimal theme:

Via: Alternative Checkboxes (Icon Bullets) - Copy and paste

Is there a way I can make these a hotkey? I know I can instert from template, but that would not always work as I need to change a checkbox list after I’ve created it. Ideally, I hit a hotkey and the checkbox is set with a specific character.

Ideally, a plugin like this also repeats the current checkbox when I hit enter. For example, if I’m doing a list of ideas ( -[I] ), the same checkbox should repeat when I hit enter.



Check Task Collector plugin. I have set up a hotkey, that pops up a prompt with all icons and allows to set status in two presses: 1. call popup, 2 - press corresponding letter/symbol.

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This is great, checking it out.

Any chance you could expand this so I can bind a specific task type to a hotkey?

Sorry, I am not the author. I have just described the way I use the plugin.

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Thanks for the clarification. Found the plugin author: