Task Collector (task completion, including custom task markers)

Task Collector is a plugin for working with tasks.

It started as something for me to manage tasks within a project document:
I have a task section with things to do, I want to mark the task done, and then move it down into a different section of the document as a kind of log/history. The Completion Area plugin is similar in this regard.

I use bullet journal style task indicators (? ! > R, etc.). Not a ton, but what works for me.

Task Collector has a command (Mark item) that you can invoke from the Command Palette, bind to a hotkey, or access via a Right-Click menu (if enabled, Right Click menus can get crowded) that will pop-up a little modal box with your configured task values. You can either type or click the one you want, and it will fill in the task value. This works with all of the CM6 modes as of 0.7.1. I confess I haven’t tested with CM5, but it should work in Edit mode at a minimum.


Please see the README for details!


I am surprised this post did not gain more traction!
This looks awesome :slight_smile: Especially since it seems compatible with dataview?

Also @ebullient, would you be willing to share your CSS code? I use the minimal theme and unfortunately, the alternative checkboxes are not styled correctly (e.g., [>], [/], [!] …)

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Snippetor can help you make your own custom CSS snippet:

Love the plugin, thanks a lot for having created it! Would love it even more if the “completion date” could be made to work without having to use the TC menu item. I’d like to see the completion date appended every time I complete a task by clicking on the checkbox. It’s too easy for me to forget to right click - TC Complete Task.

Hi! Loving your plugin! Big fan of using different checkbox styles to organize tasks.

Any chance one could add hotkeys to each checkbox style (ideal)? Or at the very least, a hotkey to open “Mark Task” menu?

Thank you for this!

“(TC) Reset All Tasks” has disappeared for me. How do I get it back? Maybe I turned something off?