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I recently installed obsidian and have some questions about the editor. When creating a note on a PC, I can type in the name of the note, press enter, and start writing the note itself. On Android, the same scenario does not work, after pressing enter, I cannot write a note, I have to additionally click on the text input field. It’s annoying.
When editing an existing note on PC, I want to add a blank line to the very beginning. To do this, I put the cursor in the name field and press enter, but instead of an empty line at the beginning of the note, the cursor jumps to the very end of the note. This is not what I need.
I know that obsidian supports plugins. Can I use them to customize the behavior of the editor that is more familiar to me? I do not want to constantly think about the names of the notes, I want to immediately write a note after pressing the button for creating a note, the first line should be used as the name of the note. Thanks.
Obsidian 0.15.9

Your first question has come up before. I don’t remember the conclusion, if any — search the forum.

You can add a blank line at the start by using mouse or finger to place it (or arrow keys, once focus is in the note body).

This requires more clicks: put the cursor at the very beginning, press enter, return to the first line with an arrow. I suggest a shorter way: put the cursor on the name, press enter. But unfortunately it doesn’t work.

I do not speak English and it is quite difficult for me to search for information in it.

I understand, and the way you want it to work is the way it should work. It wasn’t clear to me if you didn’t know how or just wanted a better way.

You write far better in English than I do in your language. Here is the thread.

One poster found a workaround. There’s no response yet on whether this will be fixed.

I use google translator)

This is terrible.

What about this? Is it possible to set up Obsidian like this?

I have some thoughts on this matter. I installed the Filename Heading Sync plugin and it got a little more convenient. But there are some nuances. For the plugin to work properly, you need to add the # sign in each note at the very beginning. Is it possible to automate this and create notes immediately with a # sign? And still, when creating a note, the input focus is in the name field, and not in the note body itself. Maybe there is some plugin so that the input focus is immediately in the body of the note? If all this is set up, it will turn out something similar to what I want and I can switch to Obsidian.

I don’t think there is a plugin to fix the focus problem.

To create every note with a #, it seems there is no built-in way, but there are a couple of ways with plugins:

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