75 Types of Notes You Can Make In Obsidian

75 Types of Notes to Keep in Obsidian


I’m transitioning to using folders to categorize notes according to what type of “thing” they represent and giving them corresponding metadata, so this list will be really helpful for me to ideate. Thanks!

Here are some of my types of notes:

  • Projects
  • Opinions
  • Books
  • Daily/Weekly/Monthly Notes
  • Decisions
  • Facts
  • Concepts
  • Gameplay (Notes for things like my Civilization games)
  • Graphics
  • Habits
  • Ideas (sort of a catch-all bucket of things that need fleshed out)
  • Journal entries
  • Lists
  • Meetings
  • Observations
  • Problems
  • Questions
  • Reflections
  • Reminders
  • Rules
  • Tasks
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[I wrote a thing on how I organize my vault that might give you some ideas.] (What's In My #Obsidian Vault - Info on Plugins, Workflows, Tags and Philosophies on #PKM) I’m including a screenshot of my top level folders.

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Thanks! I saw your Classes folder for your Metadata Menu plug-in. I’d be curious about how you might use that for your types of notes that you’ve identified here. I found another of your articles that mentioned the Metadata Menu, but it was pretty brief on that point.

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The tutorial I used to learn Metadata Menu is here