14 Example Vaults from around the Web: kepano, Nick Milo, The Sweet Setup and more

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  1. Dataview example vault: A example vault to collect and showcase various dataview queries. Created on behalf of AB1908 (github.com)
  2. Personal-Wiki: github.com)
  3. LifeOS for Obsidian (obsidian-life-os.netlify.app)
  4. Grow Your Mind Garden Starter Kit
  5. LeanProductivity Starter Vault (sascha-kasper.com)
  6. kepano/kepano-obsidian: My personal Obsidian vault template. A bottom-up approach to note-taking and organizing things I am interested in. (github.com)
  7. Dashboard++ - TfT Hacker
  8. Bullet Journal and Task Management in Obsidian (part 1)- Free Vault for download and Folder Structure (travelertechie.com)
  9. Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish
  10. Ideaverse for Obsidian (linkingyourthinking.com)
  11. Obsidian: Sample Planner Vault (gumroad.com)
  12. PARA Starter Kit - Obsidian Hub - Obsidian Publish
  13. Obsidian Starter Vault – The Sweet Setup
  14. ObsidianMD CSS Snippets repository, a collection of CSS code snippets to enhance the user interface elements of ObsidianMD (github.com)

Adding another two:

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