0.11.3 Using Obsidain+Cryptomator on Windows Fails: Illegal operation on Directory

Affected version: 0.11.3
This bug was previously fixed in version 0.11.2 but seems to be back at 0.11.3

Steps to reproduce

  1. Create cryto vault with Cryptomator in a drop box.
  2. Open Obsidian 0.11.3
  3. Create a Vault inside the Cryptomator mounted disk and put some notes in it.
  4. Close Obsidian OsX, close cryptomator
  5. Wait till Dropbox has synced/uploaded your new Cryptomator vault.
  6. Boot Windows 10
  7. Wait till Dropbox has synced/downloaded your new Cryptomator vault.
  8. Mount dropbox-cryptomator vault and assign it to the drive O:
  9. Check if all files are available/readable in O: before opening Obsidian
  10. start Obsidian and mount the vault at O:

Expected result

Obsidian opens it’s Vault that is stored at O:

Actual result

The following Error/Exception is shown:

And obsidian get stucked at loading the vault.


Step 1~5

  • Operating system: OsX 11.
  • Cryptomator OsX: 1.5.13
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.3 (OsX)

Step 6~10

  • Operating system: Windows 10.0.19041 Build 19041 (with NTFS on SSD)
  • Cryptomator OsX: 1.5.12
  • Dropbox: v116.4.368
  • Obsidian version: 0.11.3 (Windows)

Additional information

Tried to place the Obsidian vault one level deeper inside another directory:
in the pursuit to have Obsidian watch a directory instead of a root directory \ but that did not solve anything it still reproduced the same exception


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can you post a screen recording of creating a vault on windows in O:\ObsidianVault?

Pinpointed the Bug! :slight_smile: it’s not really a bug but an incompatibility with a certain FS type of Cryptomator

  • It works fine if you use the Dokany Volume Type in Cryptomator.
  • It will fail with the Illegal operation if we use WebDAV Volume Type Cryptomator.


Thank you very much! I was worried I wouldn’t be able to use it with Cryptomator, but your post helped me :smiley: