Zoom note

Use case or problem

As a user when working with several notes opened simultaneously on the same screen. i.e. as a result of several split views, I would like to have an option to focus on one specific note.

It allows for:

  1. Improved focus: if you have several notes open, the screen can become cluttered, making it difficult to concentrate on a specific one. The “Zoom note” feature would allow us to enlarge a single note window, reducing visual distractions and helping focus better.

  2. Ease of reading: If you’re working with complex long notes, the “Zoom note” feature could make it easier to read a long note by providing more screen estate.

  3. Facilitating presentations / demos. If I’m walking someone through a note, it would help a viewer see the note more clearly.

In essence, the “Zoom note” feature would solve the problem of managing visual complexity when working wit multiple note on the same screen. It would provide a way to temporarily simplify your view and focus on note at a time. Wen a user would be done, he could easily revert back to the multi-note view.

Proposed solution

A “Zoom note” option would allow you to temporarily focus on one note and hide all the others. When a user selects “Zoom note” from the context menu, it would enlarge the selected note windows. Then to return to the normal view, a user would select “Restore all notes” from the context menu.

Current workaround (optional)

Manually rearrange or resize windows. Or detach a note and make it full screen. Rearranging / restoring seems to be currently a lot of hassle.

Related feature requests (optional)


The “Open in New Window” option in the right-click menu of a tab allows to open the note a second time in a new window, leaving the layout of all notes in the original window intact. Does that more or less cover your desired workflow?

A couple of possibilities come to mind. The Fullscreen Mode and Typewriter Mode plugins both allow setting a hotkey to make the currently selected note fullscreen. Alternatively, you could use Hover Editor to quickly pop out the current note and give it focus. This can also be assigned a hotkey, to reduce friction.

You can use this plugin: Fullscreen Focus Mode GitHub - Razumihin/obsidian-fullscreen-plugin
I’ve set a hotkey to “F11” to make the current note temporarily full-screen. I go back to normal with “Escape”.