Zettelkasten Prefixer: Create anywhere

Use case or problem

I want to quickly create scratch notes with a timestamp title instead of “Untitled”. I could tolerate “Untitled” if I didn’t use folders, but the numbering starts anew in each folder, which causes duplicate names. I’ll add further text to some notes titles, but some will only be a timestamp.

I would use the Zettelkastan Prefixer core plugin, but it’s restricted to a single folder. I want to create these notes anywhere (usually in a project [sub]folder).

Proposed solution

  • Add New Zettelkasten note to the context menu of folders in File Explorer.

  • Copy the interface of Settings > Files & Links > Default location for new notes, which includes an option to create notes in the same folder as the current note. Also, give them the same name (ZP’s is New file location).

(An alternate solution would be to allow templates to be used in the title field, but then you have to cope with templates that contain newlines, and anyway it’d be less smooth.)

Current workaround (optional)

  • Manual typing. :confused:
  • (Core) Template and cut & paste.
  • Third-party text expander.
  • Templater community plugin (feels like overkill if this is the only use).
  • With Shortcut Launcher plugin on iOS/iPadOS/MacOS: a Shortcut that makes a properly-named note, then opens it.

Related feature requests (optional)

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