Unlimited Zettelkasten prefixer

is there a functionality where you can use a short cut to create a note

  1. under a specific folder
  2. use a specific template
  3. start with a specific fixer

kind of like the Zettelkasten prefixer add-on on steroids: this functionality is really convenient and i want to use it for multiple templates

thinking of using keybinding like ctrl + shift + number key


Yes! This is what I’ve been wanting for a long time, currently the workflow for Zettelkasten is not there. If I want to create a new zettel note inline, that is not possible, I have to create a zettel note, apply a format to it and only then link it inside another article.

Ideal workflow:

  • [[ generates [UUID | Clean title](link to note) (or a wiki link)
  • Template can be applied as well

Also as a sidenote, I think it’s more fitting to put this as a feature request as this is already implemented as a plugin, but it’s just not finished :wink:

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I’m pretty new to this so feel free to correct on any misunderstandings I have…

When linking to my zettel notes, I don’t particularly want the date part of the filename to show in the rendered markdown. My zettels will be I could achieve this by using [[ link | name ]] syntax, but that is quite a fiddle to type out every time. Is there an easy way to make my links to zettels render without the date part?