YouTube or even any video timestamp notetaking

seriously, we are in a e-learning world right now. we watched tons of online-courses/videos but there is no proper tool for video note-taking. It’s stupid and wasting time to watch that video again to locate the exact time, exact piece of information.

YiNote has too many bugs. Painful to use. Roam Research only has a third-party plugin for YT note-taking, and only works for YT. Also not stable and painful to use.

I do hope Obsidian could solve this problem. I hope like for YouTube or Coursera, while I’m watching, hotkey for automatic timestamp video note-taking. When I’m reviewing, if I click on the timestamp, automatically jump to the video time.

trust me, this is a game-change function. Everyone needs that.


I’m trying out and it’s working nicely so far


Also interested in this

Hi! I don’t know if you’ve already seen the Media extended plugin but I think you should check it out is VERY useful!!! Transcribes entire audio dialog. Also, point anywhere in transcripted text and the video sync’s up!!!

For technical tuts, this is an INVALUABLE tool. Subscribed for life!!!

If this interests you have a look at Another extremely useful tool.


Timestamps are useful for YT language learning, especially if you could set start/top and have the YT video to loop.

Glad you love it (*^ー^)

yeah some users have been kindly share this great plugin.
It helps, though not exactly what I am hoping for.

I hope automatically time-stamp with one-click, now I have to type the time-stamp myself.

And too many video clips embeded in my notes. I was hoping Youtube time-stamp style. Click on the number, then jump to that time.


Yes, exactly. Ideally you can have a quick key to copy paste the timestamp (like cntrl+enter) or at least a link to it and then add notes. The workflow should be Watch video > press hotkey > insert timestamp/link > type notes. I’ve found it difficult to find a proper way to do this. The media extended plugin won’t. Currently I’m looking at some chrome extensions but in cases I’ve found I’d have to actually run some kind of script to convert the formatting to work well as obsidian notes.


@yuling Thanks for adding this to the forum! I would also love to see this functionality in Obsidian.

I like to have my video resources embedded, only once, at the top of my notes file for that video. (I use iframes for this, currently.) I would love it if I could write notes below the video area with timestamps, without creating more embedded links. Clicking a timestamp “link” should just fast-forward / rewind the main video player to that part of the video.

At least that’s how I would envision it, which I think is what you’re already suggesting. Consider this comment another vote for this plugin to get made!!


now I have to type the time-stamp myself.
you don’t anymore

“too many video clips embeded in my notes”
only get embed if you put the exclamation point![]

it’s not yet perfect tough but media extended pluggin it’s going very well