🇳 NattyNote: take time-stamped YouTube notes

Been a long time lurker here.
Like many others (e.g 1), I had struggled to find a good extension that suits my needs perfectly.

All I found was bloatware, buggy-ware, anti-user-ware, and/or proprietary-ware.
As someone coming from the vim-universe, I hated to “click” to take a note.

So I decided to write my own extension: NattyNote (~20kb, open-source ).
The idea is so simple and basic:

  1. Start taking notes by pressing Alt+P
  2. “Commit” a note by pressing Alt+Enter
  3. Once you finish, press Alt+K, Ctrl+A, Ctrl+C, go to Obsidian Ctrl+V.
    (See: How it works and all features)


Of course you can modify all the keybindings, and customize how your notes are formatted.

Currently its in the beta-stage. I really want to hear your thoughts and possible suggestions to improve it.