YAML as Editable Table in live preview

Many feature requests are about hiding YAML. I am asking for something slightly different.

Use case or problem

YAML might be scary to some novice users that just want to take notes and save information in their notes just like they did in Notion. The problem is that (1) it requires some basic coding knowledge to use YAML correctly and (2) it is a terrible UI/UX

Proposed solution

In the same way liveview parses various markdown elements, I believe obsidian should have as a core feature an editable table view of the YAML frontmatter.

In notion, on the top of each page, there is a table containing all the user defined variables.

It would be great if Obsidian would abstract/parse yaml in the same way it parses markdown, codeblocks, callouts, etc. An editable table view of the YAML would be the best option IMO, but default YAML is such a horrible UX that any improvement would be welcome.

Current workaround (optional)

To better manage YAML, users can download the DB folder plugin, but this only makes editing YAML from outside the note. It does not improve the user experience once one is focused on only a single note.

Related feature requests (optional)


This was implemented in v1.4

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Thank you so much ! This is a big quality of life improvement.
You did an amazing job with this, congrats!

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