Workspace which always contains today's note

Is it possible to create a workspace which contains 2-3 other notes PLUS today’s note? (from calendar plugin)

When I have today’s note opened and try to save and then open the workspace the day after it opens that note from previous day. I’d like to open note from current day when using “load workspace”

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I think the way to do this would for some plugin to be able to edit the workspace metadata that obsidian stores in the .obsidian folder, or probably there is an easier way ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Btw this doesn’t exactly solve your problem, but what if you could just load today’s note with a shortcut in any workspace with a shortcut ? GitHub - hauselin/obsidian-alfred: Alfred workflow for Obsidian note-taking app. Open vaults and files in Obsidian. has a simple alfred shortcut “od” to open today’s note in the current workspace. I just pin the note as it opens.

How does this differ from a keyboard shortcut for Periodic Notes Open Daily Note and then Toggle Pin?

There is an open FR for this: Workspace Plugin Improvements: Save current workspace and open with today's note

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