Workspace Plugin Improvements: Save current workspace and open with today's note

I’m really glad for the new workspace plugin in 0.9.3. Two things that could make it better:

  1. Have the ability to save current workspace. Currently we need to manually Save-As to overwrite an existing workspace name.
  2. Workspace that is saved with daily note will always open with most recent daily note, or create a new daily note from the template if it hasn’t been created yet.

Good idea


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This is a really good idea. I’ve just started using workspaces and I think this idea could be made a little more generic by having the ability to create ‘dynamic workspaces’.

  • Assign “newest note in a folder” to a pane. (Great for daily notes).
  • Assign “newest note with a tag” to a pane.

I’d really love if those features could be added, as well if workspaces saved appearance preferences, so each workspace could have a different theme, and could be individually set to either dark or light mode

I switch between my laptop and desktop quite a bit, and I need my desktop to be in light mode so that I can work with it outside, but I much prefer dark mode for my desktop.

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I would also love support for pulling the most recent periodic notes (daily/weekly/monthly).

More importantly, I would really love to simply have a “save” button to save the current workspace as a previous name. Considerations:

  • “Save” could be next to Load for all previous named workspaces
  • If there is concern for accidentally overwriting a previous name, an overwrite confirmation could be added
  • Alternatively, a new line directly below the “save current workspace as” text box could show “Current Workspace: <workspace_name>” with an “Update” button or such, followed by the usual <hr> line split and other workspace names

Bonus points if “Update current workspace” becomes a new action for Ctrl+P command palette and/or keyboard shortcuts.


I’m just trying to figure out if opening today’s note in a workspace is possible. I’d love that feature in some fashion.


I managed to create a workaround for this using the QuickAdd plugin, Obsidian Advanced URI plug-in, and a script file;

Using the workaround from, you can assign a shortcut to open a specific workspace from the command palette.

Then you can use use the QuickAdd macro feature to chain opening specific workspace command that is followed by the command to open the current day in the active workspace. And then assign a keyboard shortcut to that macro.


@renarl Sorry to resurrect this, but would you be willing to post a breakdown of how you do this?


+1 on this request. In the meantime I’ll look into the QuickAdd workaround that @renarl shared, but I think making it easier would promote accessibility and increased usage.

+1 On this request…

It would be awesome if I could have a Workspace consisted of, say, today’s daily note, yesterday’s daily note, and current week’s note. Maybe able to define a note in a “{Today} - 1” kind of style…

Upvoting the suggestions on this thread. I’m really only looking for an “Update Workspace” feature, but the other suggestions could also prove useful.



Here’s my current workaround for this. I couldn’t get @renarl 's version to work, so here’s what I’ve done:

I made a placeholder note called “Open Today’s Note!” and in it, I put a button that opens today’s note, nothing else.

Then I set up my workspace the way I like it for morning planning (the day’s note, my master todo note, and the calendar) - using that placeholder note in place of where the real daily note would go.

Then I saved that setup as a named workspace (“Morning Planning”). So now when I open the Morning Planning workspace, all I have to do is hit that button to get the current note opened in the pane I want it in.

If you want both daily and weekly notes, just make two placeholder notes (Open Today’s Note and Open Weekly Note, or whatever) and then do a similar thing with multiple panes in your workspace.


Was this ever properly implemented?

save current workspace command was added a long time ago. Open a separate FR for today’s note.

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