Workspace Plugin update 2.0 discussion

Having seen the scrintel presentation recently at Nick Milo’s conference I thought their ‘boards’ worked just like Obsidian workspaces.

Many of the requests below are features that mimic something scrintel boards do, or something they could do. I prefer Obsidian so would love to see a workspace plugin update.

An addition to the list below of features I would like to see updated to the workspace plugin is a way to see which files (pages) are saved in what workspace.
eg, backlinks panel, outgoing links panel, workspace panel.

Here is a list of other features I would like to see with associated requests:

Workspace saved with a daily note opens the current day, not the one saved.
Workspace Plugin Improvements: Save current workspace and open with today’s note - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum
Always open today’s daily note in the same pinned pane - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum
Daily note workspace automatic update - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Have a side panel list of workspaces like the tabs and star plugins. There is a buggy max limit (see post below).
Workspaces as panel/list (and or notes) - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Have an ‘undo button’ for going back from a workspace to the layout beforehand. (have a temp workspace)
When jumping to a new workspace, autosave the previous workspace as “previous” so you can easily come back - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Let Workspaces save settings like tabs ON/OFF, folders open/closed, theme/plugin settings, and font sizes/zoom level.
Workspaces (core plugin) + Obsidian Tabs: A Little Adjustment - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum
File explorer status saved in workspace? - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum
Workspace for Plug-in Themes - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum
Workspace should save font size adjustment - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Renaming a workspace after creation.
Ability to rename workspaces after creation - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

Have default layout for settings.
Combine workspaces and pages or folders to automatically change page layout - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum

After moving a file location, update the workspace.
Include workspaces.json in files searched for backlinks when paths to folders are changed - Feature requests - Obsidian Forum


Not sure if the following feature that they are working on is related to this feature request:

Whiteboard Plugin

You probably have already thought of this but a low budget work around is to place a note pinned to the workspace with the following dataview :

> [!NOTE] ```dataview
> list
> from #dailynote
> where = date(today) 
> ```
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I think these discussions describe the Scrintal / Heptabase experience / advantages very precisely:

Just to understand well Obsidian vs Heptabase, if we take the example of Card in Heptabase = Note in Osbidian, and Whiteboard in Heptabase = Canva in Obsidian, what Heptabase do that Obsidian do not?
What is your view about that? Thanks.