Working with csv files and frontmatter? Moving over Aeon Timeline information?

I’m a fantasy writer, and have started to use Obsidian for my world-bible. I’ve been trying to make something work for the past few days, and feel like it’s possible, but I don’t know enough to say either way.

I use Aeon Timeline ( for my plotting and basic character info. It syncs with Scrivener and Ulysses (for Mac). Aeon also lets you both export and import .csv files. I do use a custom fantasy calendar.

Ideally I would come up with a way to have Obsidian and Aeon sync. Or at least talk to each other so I can update one and then make sure the information gets across even if it’s not automatic.

I was hoping I could take the csv and turn the info for the relevant files into frontmatter, injecting it into the correct .mds - then I think I can reference them in the body of the file and make wiki-links for the relevant info?

I know I can use dataview to show only parts of the csv in each file, but with dataview I don’t think I can use wiki-links then. The RPG Manager looks like it could be promising too.

Example: In Aeon I have certain character relationships linked together. Alice is Bob’s sibling (and Bob is Alice’s sibling).

I would like to be able to make a chart in Alice’s Obsidian page that tells me Bob is her sibling, with “Bob” being a wikilink to his page. I don’t though, need the fact that Alice has blue eyes to be turned into a link.

It would also be nice to be on an event’s page and know that Alice is 22 that day, and Bob is 24, plus it’s the full moon.

People in both the Obsidian Forums (Aeon timeline integration) and Aeon Forums (Markdown frontmatter sync - Feature Requests - Aeon Timeline) want the two to work together, so I’m sure it’s just a matter of time until they do. But until that time I’m stuck trying to force it without the knowledge to make it elegant.

Any ideas?

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