Workaround for: Rendering markdown files on Windows results in timestamp changes (Detected by Git)


We use Obsidian with the vault shared from a Git repository as our internal knowledge base solution at where I work. Windows users have been plagued with a perplexing bug that results in unexplained changes to markdown files when triggered.

It seems that a feasible workaround has been discovered so I’m sharing it here for posterity.

Problem Description

Under conditions that are difficult to replicate/understand, rendering some notes in Obsidian results in the underlying markdown file being modified in some way.

  • The behavior manifests only with Obsidian on Windows
  • Occurs sporadically
  • git diff reveals no changes in the file
  • MD5 hashes show file as unchanged
  • Regardless, Git believes that unstaged changes exist
  • Detailed listing of the file on Linux reveals that the last modified timestamp has been altered
    • A Stack Overflow posting led me to this page, which made me think this could be why Git interprets the file as changed
    • Google then led me to discovering the Git trustctime configuration

Environmental Considerations

  • Our shared vault is hosted in a private GitLab repository.
    • I’ve developed a custom Go application to configure installations for internal users, including Git.
  • Obsidian-Git is being used to pull/push files from a central repository.
  • The repository is being share between Linux, Mac, and Windows hosts.


We appear to have corrected the issue by applying the following settings to the local git configuration file:

  • core.autocrlf=true
  • core.trustctime=false

That is, the [core] section of the repository’s .git\config file is:

        bare = false
        autocrlf = true
        trustctime = false

Thanks for sharing! I’ve moved the post to Share & Showcase and added "Workaround for: " to the title.

Could the cause be a line-encoding issue?