[WORDING] Update "swap" to "move" in resolved posts regarding 'ALT+MOVE UP/MOVE DOWN'

Disclaimer: I am under the impression that a posts like this belongs to #resolved-help . However, I cannot create a new post there - likely because as this is my very first post.
I am, therefore. tagging @moderators, as indicated here.

Heya! :raising_hand_man:t4:

The posts:

:thread: Add ALT+UP/DOWN move line
:thread: Keyboard shortcut to move selected rows up and down

accurately indicate that the behaviour is supported.
However, they, imho, mistakenly use the wording "swap".
It seems to me as if this wording was changed to "move" in a recent version[NTS1].
Note: running v1.1.16 as of writing of this post.

:pray:t4: I kindly ask for those posts to be updated accordingly.
:raising_hand_man:t4: Happy to do it myself - as soon as I’m able to! - see disclaimer.

[NTS1] Note to self: Find the exact version this was changed and update the post accordingly.
NTS = Note to self


Thanks for pointing to that old thread that said to tag moderators. I’ve edited out that line. Tagging moderators is no longer encouraged, and in fact, it’s against our community rules. That was written when this was a much smaller community. :slight_smile:

If there is a legitimate problem that breaks our community rules, you can flag a post to alert moderators. But not for editing old information.

I’ve updated that text to:

If you still need help with something on a closed thread, please post a new thread. You can then link to the old thread to reference it. We close old threads to help prevent discussions on out of date information.

We are not going to edit and curate old posts in the forum. That’s what the help documentation is for.

Yes, the command was in fact called “swap” many versions ago. And this is why posts get closed after some time, so people aren’t adding on to discussions for out of date information. One side of the coin is that you could add relevant info. But on the other side of the coin, a bunch of very old posts with out of date info would get resurfaced constantly.

It’s great that you want to help and keep things tidy. :pray: Unfortunately you won’t be able to. Old posts are locked. And all posts are time-locked from users editing to help stop spam attacks.

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