With more and more attachment, Each start consumes a high cpu

Because one of my normal libraries was experiencing high cpu usage each time it was opened, I tested it

A completely new library, put in 3000 png, do nothing else, do not open any plugins, take up a lot of cpu for a long time after each opening, and as I put in more pictures, take up more cpu time

This is a very reproducible BUG

This is a BUG that shouldn’t grow with my image count and take up a lot of my cpu for a long time every time I open it. It’s pointless consumption.
I hope there will be a relevant reply, which is related to whether obsidian is a note taking software that can be used for a long time

Zip the vault, upload it somewhere and post the link here. I’ll take a look.

What is your os and where is the vault stored?

There is no need to compress the vault, just try to copy a large number of png to an empty library can be achieved, directly on the local can build, this is a must appear BUG

Operating system windows, the vault is stored on the mobile hard disk

I can’t reproduce.

test_1.zip (3.7 MB)Unable to upload larger files, the number of images can be doubled again, just copy more images

The more the number of pictures, the more obvious the phenomenon, in my two computers have been tested, both have the same problem, after opening obsidian, occupy 10% of the cpu for a long time
Another question I would like to ask is why I share the library to my other computer in the LAN, and every time the other computer opens the shared library of obsidian, the loading will be very slow, I don’t know whether it is related to the above BUG, or there is another reason

Beyond, the initial indexing of the vault (which I am not sure you let finish) I don’t see unusual cpu usage on open.

If the file is uploaded and I want to be able to reply if I can reproduce it, should I not place the attachment in obsidian, lest it will gradually crash and become unusable for a long time?

3w PNGS did not appear, because of upload size limitations, I can only give so many PNGS

I tried with 25k images I don’t see anything too anomalous. It is normal for obsidian to have a spike of cpu (and disk use) for a few second after startup because obsidian checks what files are present and if any files were modified (to update its internal index).

So as the number of files increases, the cpu spikes get longer and longer, eventually to the point where obsidian needs a lot of checking every time it opens

Also a large number of file management, the same order of magnitude of 2w files, such as eagle software does not cause cpu spikes for a long time after opening.

Eagle doesn’t manage links among the files, we do.
Use whichever software suits your needs best.

I am gonna move this conversation to the help section.

Isn’t this the right way? obsidian, as a long-term note, cannot handle the huge number of attachments well. The number of attachments is bound to increase with the increase of records

If more and more attachments can not be borne by obsidian, we should not let everyone keep placing attachments in obsidian, and control the number of attachments. Rather than letting everyone keep putting in attachments, and then waiting until the point of finally getting out of control

How does the official of obsidian consider this? Should we put the attachments into other management software, and then link into obsidian and the pictures embedded with local pictures or network addresses, instead of putting the pictures into obsidian?

Another test was carried out, as shown in the figure

For a fully png library, after obsidian is opened, cpu10% is used for up to 2 minutes
However, the backup of the library with KopiaUI takes only 0.2s
Also judging file changes, why is backup software so much faster
These are png files, and there should be no links to manage

Or I don’t quite understand it, but in my opinion, this is a BUG with no optimization
I don’t know if I’m right

This seems like something that can’t be improved in the short term, would using a graphic bed and placing the images externally improve this?

Is the solution. But the problem is that officials consider this a normal situation. In addition, most people do not know that the huge number of attachments will make obsidian occupy more and more cpu, and when they know, it is difficult to put these pictures in the local folder outside obsidian and then paste them into obsidian in an absolute position.

With 25K images, it’s 10 seconds on my computer (8750H with ssd). Note that currently only one thread is utilized and there is some disk activity (not extreme) for that period of time too. So I would not call this high usage.

Free free to use something else if obsidian doesn’t suit your particular needs.


My computer
Core i9-9900 CPU @ 3.10GHz
I tried to move obsidian’s library to my ssd
My test library, which had nothing but 8k png, still had a 10%cpu usage for up to two minutes each time it was opened

It is not clear if this problem is just me, if it is true that 25k takes only 10 seconds as you say, the problem does not seem that big
However, if this is not a problem that I can reproduce alone, I hope that the authorities can face it squarely, instead of letting users find other software to use
Hope is to try to solve the problem, not to solve the person who asked the problem
I’m not here to argue, but as a user of obsidian who wants it to be better
In the short reply, I have received official reply twice, asking me to use other software
I don’t know what I did wrong by asking questions
I raised questions, made test samples, collected test data, and spent time in order to let more obsidian users realize that this may be a problem, and let the official know that their users may encounter such a problem. And see if we can work it out together.
But here’s what I got: You go. And twice
It is true that we are using obsidian for free, but this is not obsidian can arrogate and tell us that you are free people, free people are also contributing to obsidian, I found bugs for a lot of plug-ins, shared free css for others, They both have the potential to create real value for obsidian, and may also become commercial use software for studios when obsidian is really able to fully meet the needs.

Free, but that’s no reason to be cocky.

Finally, I love working with obsidian, which is why I take the time to bring up bugs, not out of any malicious intent

I come with good intentions, and I don’t want to leave with the bad intentions of others