With more and more attachment, Each start consumes a high cpu

I hope this problem is just me, someone else has seen this post and can help me test it if possible.
Both computers in my home have been tested with related issues, so I think it is a BUG while bringing it up
If you also have questions, I will write down my solution for the convenience of people who have the same problem as me

It is convenient for users who do not want to put pictures on the network, but can directly paste files to obsidian users quickly
Use My - Easy - Pic - Bed build local map Bed
Then upload all PNGS to the local map bed using obsidian-image-auto-upload-plugin.
In this way, even if you replace the computer, as long as obsidian and My-Easy-Pic-Bed are copied, you can use it normally on another device, without relying on network storage

I see the same problem, when I gradually move my Joplin notes to Obsidian.

When I finished moving, and there are 10,391 files, 1311 folders, in my vault.

and this cause big problems in Obsidian Android, it crash suddenly and cause a series of problems, the major problem is:

  • some of the changes to a note cannot be synchronized (I use the plugin “Remotely save” to sync to Storj S3-compatible storage, it has no such problem when the number of attachments and notes are low)

  • newly added notes may not be in sync

I’m not the only one who met them. I found them in the forums