With Live Conversion, can’t input Japanese - Romaji


  • When continuing to type Japanese with Live Conversion turned on, unconverted characters and carets disappear and key typing becomes completely impossible.

1. Steps to reproduce

  1. Open “Settings” on iPad and select General > Keyboards > Keyboard > “Add New Keyboard…”. Next, select Japanese > Romaji and tap “Done”.
  2. Go to “Settings” > General > Keyboards > Hardware Keyboard > Enable “Live Conversion”
  3. Open Obsidian and type in Japanese as follows


2. Expected result

  • As you continue to type, the system automatically converts the Japanese text to kanji as you type. A feature called “Live Conversion” infers the correct kanji from the context and converts it.

3. Actual result

  • While typing, suddenly the caret and the character before conversion disappears, and there is no response to any key input.
  • If you press a lot of keys at random, a list of possible conversions appears in the upper left corner of the screen, but nothing happens after that.
  • In order to resume inputting, you have to click with the cursor on the part you want to enter.

4. Environment in which the problem occurred

  • iPad Pro 12.9 inch 2021 (A2461)
    • iPad OS 15.5 (19F5062g)
      • Occurs also on iPad OS 15.4.1
    • Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro (2021)
    • Language environment: Occurs in both English and Japanese
    • Keyboards: Japanese - Romaji
    • Hardware keyboard : Japanese - Romaji
      • Live Conversion : ON
  • Obsidian Mobile
    • Ver. 1.2.0 (50)
    • Language Environment : Occurs in both English and Japanese
  • Community Plugins : disable all
  • Small Changes" in “Appearance” : OFF

5. Additional information

  • Occurrence: Frequent, fatal problem for inputting Japanese characters
  • Other devices
    • Occurs on the same version of iPad Mini (2021)
  • This trouble Does not occur with the “Memo” app preinstalled on the iPad OS.


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Thanks for your responding!

Does it happen in source mode?

Yes. It happens both modes.

Does it happen here? CodeMirror 6

No. It didn’t happen.


All Japanese who use Obsidian mobile suffer from this bug. Please make it a priority to fix this bug. I sincerely hope the bug will be fixed.

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is this still happening in v1.4.4? is this the same as https://forum.obsidian.md/t/bug-ios-cjk-ime-unable-to-work-continuously-in-anything-other-than-plain-text/44728

No. Now this problem doesn’t happen in 1.4.5 (104).
And this isn’t the same as the concerned problem you said.

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