[Bug] iOS: cjk ime unable to work continuously in ANYTHING other than plain text


[X] iOS
[ ] Android

Obsidian Mobile version: v1.4.2(90)

When inputing Chinese in the list item, the same problem shows up again.

To reproduce:

  1. create a note
  2. create a list
  3. turn on Chinese input method, and type random letters very fast.

What is expected:

  • corresponding letters or Chinese will show up in the note

What is observed actually:

  • the cursor disappears and the input is interrupted.
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Add a screen record for this(in which I turned off the live preview mode):

Oct-23-2022 01-19-49

I quote words from the author of the codemirror who provide the analytics about the cause of the previous bug mentioned in the post 1

Finally figured this out—the backspacing was causing a scroll event, and another iOS hack was delaying DOM reading on backspace-like changes because those sometimes continue trashing around in the DOM for a bit asynchronously, and in combination that led to the editor trying update its DOM at a point where it hadn’t read a change yet, confusing the composition-preserving code and thus interrupting the composition.

When input in a list, or editing a heading, the output result is different from input a line of ordinary text, i.e. some style is applied to the line dynamically. So, is it possible that the reason which cause the fixed bug that affects the input of a line of ordinary text also affects the editing list, heading and other things which is NOT a line of ordinary text? And a similar fix can be applied for them?

When editing the heading, i.e. text after # , typing a lot of things fast will also trigger this bug.

And editing in code block will also facing this issue.

I guess for anything which is not ordinary text, i.e. a style is applied the text inputed, the bug will affect the input of these things.

This bus is still in Obsidian Mobile 1.4.2(90)