With Canvas pinned, let ctrl/cmd clicking filename label open note in separate tab group

Use case or problem

It is so cool that you can now ctrl/cmd click the filename labels in Canvas to open the notes in another tab. I find that when working with Canvas it would be even more helpful to be able to use this method to quickly open the notes in another tab group. As far as I know, this is not possible.

Proposed solution

Let ctrl/cmd clicking the filename label open the note in a new tab group, thus keeping the Canvas visible. I would be happy if this behavior occurred even when the Canvas isn’t pinned, but honestly would understand implementing this so that it only occurs when pinned.

Thanks! Canvas is just so helpful!

Does Ctrl alt click work like everywhere else?

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It does! For some reason I reverted to trying to ctrl+shift click like it used to be. Ever since tabs came into being, I do a lot less opening in new panes (tab groups). Thanks so much! I feel kind of embarrassed.

To be clear for anyone else seeing this, I believe the workflow is to ctrl alt click the filename label to open the note in a new tab group. Then ctrl shift click the additional filename labels thereafter to continue opening notes in that initially created tab group. Thanks for the help.

Currently using ctrl+alt+click will open in a new tab group, but this will create many tab groups if the cards are clicked more times. is it possible that it would be better to always open in a tab group which is used for editing cards? Just like Heptabase and Colube.

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@windily After you use ctrl alt click to open a new tab group, you can then begin using ctrl shift click to open notes in that new tab group. Not sure if you already understand that and are suggesting that when using canvas there would be different behavior.

I would probably prefer for things to be consistent across note’s links and canvas filename label links when using modifier key clicks. Thanks for the comment. Good luck!

I don’t think that Obsidian core does anything different with ctrl-click and ctrl-shift-click.

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