Why doesn't transclusion work for me?

why doesn’t work for me?

What do you mean?

I mean, this is what I get when try to transclude

I don’t know if you use the right syntax: ![[note title]] or ![[note title#header]].

you can check my syntax at the top of the screenshot, this are 2 different screenshots merge together (of the original note and the one where I’m transcluding)

Hard to tell from the screenshots or the posted syntax what’s going wrong, @paoloap. Can you describe exactly what’s happening and what you expect to happen? (Separated screenshots would help, probably.)

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@paoloap Is there a setting that is turned off? I don’t have my laptop so I can’t check myself right now. Seems like I remember a setting in the Editor or Plugins section that enable/disable this feature.

I’m moving this to “Resolved help” since there hasn’t been no replies for 3 days. Let me know if you have further questions, in which case we can move it back.

Thanks for understanding!

I had the same question and found in the help that that’s indeed the right syntax ![[note title]]

It was simply only visible in preview mode and not in the editor, that might have been the confusion here, maybe it’s helpful to others seeing this.


Can we PLEASE get transclusion in the editor and not just in the preview pane. Thank you!

Make sure you have supported the relevant feature request: Edit transcluded (embedded) notes (blocks) in place (likely requires WYSWYG first)

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