@WhiteNoise Bug report closed without helpful guidance

You closed my perfectly clear and reproducible bug report here Bad line wrap formatting with things like directory paths
I did look for similar topics but didn’t find anything in a reasonable amount of time. This bug is not time consuming to reproduce or recognize as a duplicate. If it is already on a list to be addressed, just say so in your close response.

Did you even try to read the bug report template?

I did ya. Anything more than what I provided is completely unnecessary and less readable.

There’s no hard feelings on my end, just try to follow the bug report template.

Just because you deem it unnecessary to provide information on which version you’ve used, plugins in play, and so on, doesn’t mean it is wise to just skip it. It can provide valuable information for those dealing with the bug later on.

So try again, follow the template, and you’ll most likely see a different outcome.

Not to step on your toes, but I’ve resubmitted with more info: Checkboxes with long lines: alignment gets shifted down and left

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