When I drag a file into the file explorer, go back to the old ergonomics where the file is only/automatically dropped at the vault root


This new feature:

“Files from outside Obsidian can now be dropped anywhere in the File Explorer pane instead of on top of the vault name. Similarly, dropping a file on top of any item in a folder will cause the file to get imported into that particular folder.”

Does not work for me.
It freezes continuously, the highlighting also freezes, which means that most of the time, files are not dragged into the right folder.
I prefer the old ergonomics, where files are dropped directly into the vault root, I find it much more practical.
I don’t know if it’s possible on Windows, but I would find it very practical with the old system to be able, for example, to drag files onto the obsidian icon in the taskbar and have them go directly into the vault root. Then it’s up to me to drag them into the right folder.
In fact, I very often drag pdf files or images, or audio files into the vault root with the sole aim of putting them there for reference or inspiration, to then extract/write content or rework images, not necessarily to file/archive them.
Is it possible to disable this feature in the options panel or otherwise?


I think it’s this one (the second part):

Thank you,

In my case, I think it’s just a matter of processor load or gpu, when for some reason obsidian lags, folder highlighting is very delayed or at least doesn’t really reflect the right folder where files will be dropped.
Or maybe as you say, it’s a behavior similar to the thread you posted, but the behavior of the bug then seems random to me.
I’m going to wait for the update, but perhaps being able to deactivate this function might be appropriate for those who don’t really find it useful for their use.

I realize your post is more about reverting to the previous behavior, but it seemed related to the linked report. Let’s see what the update brings. If it’s satisfactory, great! If not, you can open a feature request to bring back the old behavior.

Also, for bug reports, please follow and include the bug report template. Thanks.

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