When adding a tag the tag options are no longer listed in order of frequency. What happened?

What I’m trying to do

When I add a tag (by typing #) the option list comes up in alphabetical order instead of frequency. This is a recent development (the option list used to come up in frequency). The tag pane is set to frequency (high to low). Is there another setting somewhere?

Things I have tried

I have Tag Wrangler plugin. I tried disabling the plugin.
I looked through my other plugins to see if they might affect this setting.
I’ve changed the setting in the task pane to alphabetical and back to frequency.
Any suggestions?

The tag contextual menu (dropdown) seems set on alphabetical. Previously the menu order had been based on frequency. Is there a toggle for this somewhere?

I thought tag suggestions were always alphabetical, tho now I’m second-guessing my memory. I asked on Discord but wasn’t able to get a firm answer (1 other person thought they’d always been alphabetical but hasn’t been paying close attention).

I suggest trying the troubleshooting steps in the Obsidian debugging guide, and if that doesn’t help then maybe file a bug report.

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