Persistent tag suggestions shown alphabetically

I would like to be able to tag without remembering the tag name, instead knowing its place relative to others in sequence of tags. This could be accomplished by making the suggestion drop down persistent like with linking. I could just scroll through to about where I thought my desired tag should be.

I am thinking that using prefixed tags with persistent a-z sorted suggestions, having a weak short term memory wouldn’t make this type of tagging so strenuous.



It’s a good idea, thanks for sharing.

Just a tip: your post was a wall of text—breaking your points up into smaller paragraphs will help others skim them to get the idea!

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It works this way

I understand that I wasn’t clear. I made a number of edits to this thread and the idea got lost. To be more clear, I am requesting that the suggestions in the autocomplete follow an alphabetical order or at least an order that can be understood so that sequencing is more possible.

For example, if I have a #tagA, #tagB, and a #tagC, when I begin typing #tag into a note, I won’t necessarily see the suggestions in order. I understand that part of this is limited by the number of items shown in an autocomplete. But, even if the list is incomplete, it would be helpful if the suggestions were ordered alphabetically.

Thanks for your patience. I appreciate all your help.

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