What is the logic of Obsidian startup?

I have different vaults — for historical reasons ; I may someday, condense them into one. Very often, I have two or three opened vaults and I’m working alternatively on two-three machines. I don’t get the logic — and if there is even one — about which vault Obsidian chooses to open when it is started. It seems pretty much random to me. I would be perfectly happy if I could designate a default vault that gets opened systematically upon launch. Or, maybe better, if I could designate a list of vaults to be opened each time.

Olivier :-{)

This issue has come up before. You might want to review this feature request: https://forum.obsidian.md/t/option-open-last-used-vault-or-open-vault-selector/7093. As mentioned in this thread, there’s the option to use the URI scheme to open a specific vault.

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