What is Obsidian checking for when it calls these URLs?

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Searching through the forum, I haven’t seen anything posted about this.

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Using Obsidian on a Mac that has Little Snitch running, I see that Obsidian makes regular calls to doh.xfinity.com, 2001:558:feed::1 and 2001:558:feed::1. Why does it do this? I’m not logged in to an Obsidian account and I temporarily toggled off the automatic update check. I don’t object to using these things. I’ll turn the update check back on and would use an account if I had a need to. But I do wonder why the app “calls home.”

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Isn’t that Comcast? Is that your ISP?

Does this happen when Settings > Community Plugins > Restricted Mode is enabled?

these are DNS ips. wake up.

Yes and yes. But plenty of other apps on my computer don’t make these calls. Why Obsidian?


Not sure what you’re getting at. Yes, they are DNS IPs. Why does Obsidian call them when other programs might not?

If you want to use network monitoring software, at least you should have a basic understanding on how internet works.

Why is Obsidian originating DNS requests? Because it needs to resolve some domain name.

Here’s a list of all cases where obsidian can generate network traffic:

Thanks for the link (and for the obligatory tech forum snark). Yes, I get all that, even if my “understanding on how the internet works” while using monitoring software doesn’t rival yours.

I understand all the stuff in the list of reasons why Obsidian wants to make network connections. I wish I’d found that before posting here. That said, Obsidian requests that network access at regular intervals even when I’m not doing any of the things listed in the post you linked to. Like when there are no files open at all. That’s why I asked this question to begin with.

Maybe once I have done any of those things, it continues to operate as if I’m still doing them, be they open files with URLs in them and the other odds and ends. Most of this stuff I’m not doing and haven’t done. But a few I have.

DoH stands for DNS over HTTPS.
DoH Xinfinity is Comcast’s DNS over HTTPS, so I’m guessing you’re seeing applications make HTTPS requests when they just want to update DNS records. In this case it’s not Obsidian making requests directly but Electron/chromium.

And I’m guessing here, but you’re not seeing other apps and your browser making those DoH requests because it might not be enabled.
If you use chrome:

  1. Select the three-dot menu in your browser > Settings.
  2. Select Privacy and security > Security.
  3. Scroll down and enable Use secure DNS.

After that chrome should start making those DoH requests as well.


Thank you, @TanelTM. Much appreciated.

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