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I´m new to this. I like Obsidian very much an want to get into it. But there are some annoying issues appearing, while I try to get started.
Maybe it´s linked up with having my files stored on Icloud. Anyway, my problem is, that 1. Obsidian is indexing all the time and constantly creates copy of files (“filename (1)”, (“filename (2)” and so on…) and 2. very often words, I just wrote, disappear.
Do you know, how I can avoid those issues?

Starting a vault on a local disk is not difficult and does not take much time. Why don’t you first see if that really contributes to the problem?

The first day I stored my files only on my local drive and I didnt had those problems. Nevertheless, I´d appreciate, if I can keep my files on Icloud, as I also want to use the apps…

Obsidian Help Using iCloud

Have you read through the Obsidian Help on using iCloud?

yeah of course,
but it´s solved. I found another thread in this forum in which this topic was discussed

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