Weird bug happened when I write notes in the Obsidian with Grammarly Desktop App

Things I have tried

Grammarly Desktop can work well with Obsidian most of the time. However, except for one case: each time I type “address” into the editor of the Obsidian, the warning and suggestion provided by Grammarly will disappear immediately. And I need to remove the word “address” and reopen the tab to let Grammarly works again.

In addition, not only the single word “address” but also any word containing “address” such as “babababaaddressbababa”, will trigger this bug.

This bug only occurs in the Obsidian. It still existed in the Obsidian without any plugin. And I can not reproduce this bug in other editors.

What I’m trying to do

  1. I want to know whether this bug only occurs to me. I hope others may try to reproduce this bug.
  2. Since there is no log in the Grammarly Desktop App, and I can not find any weird thing in the Dev Tools in the Obsidian, I have no idea how to solve this problem.

( The version of Obsidian I used is Version 1.1.9 (Installer 0.15.9) )

I record a video for this bug: bug-in-obsidian-with-grammarly · CleanShot Cloud

Addition information : I use Macos 13.2.

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