Grammarly working with some notes but not with others

I’m not sure whether this one comes from Obsidian or Grammarly, but Grammarly Desktop works fine for most of my notes and not for some others. While I was writing on one note, it stopped working on it. While it was still working for the other notes. I have tried all tricks such as closing/opening Obsidian, closing/opening Grammarly but it did not help. I did not notice anything specific on the notes where it does not work vs the other ones. Any idea please?

Sorry I can’t help, but how did you get Grammarly to work inside Obsidian?

I’m moving this to Help. Either this is a Grammarly issue, or you’ll need to help by giving more information to be able to reproduce this. First step would be post your “Show debug info”.

Please follow the bug report template for future bug reports.

There is a plugin from a Grammarly developer.
Search Google for “simon pacis Grammarly”

It’s currently anonymous and runs in free mode so you don’t get all the functions if you are a paying user.


Thanks a lot for the help. The plugin works fine. Looking forward to the 1.0 release with Grammarly paid features unleashed.
Meanwhile, I have posted a support ticket to Grammarly and they reply that they don’t have a quick fix for now.

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