Web browser extensions **inside** obsidian?

i am not a programmer person, i don’t know much.
i just discovered from this forum that obsidian works very similar to a web browser in that it basically accepts most html syntax and even has the keyboard shortcut cnrl +shift+jto bring up chromium like developer tools.

is obsidian based on chromium or something… is it a full-fledged web browser under the hood??

if So, i was wondering if it would be possible to add chrome browser extensions to obsidian… if so this would make the functionality of obsidian on a whole new level!
For starters, if a user script manager (greasemonkey) extension is added then it would be able to run javascript to automatically fetch info from other apps’ API and automatically add info to notes inside obsidian … this would be GAME CHANGING … IMAO.

edit: well, on second thought it isn’t as “game changing” as i initiallly thought since all notes in obsidian are markdown files it is easy to add content using some simple script using python etc.; there is no need of something like greasemonkey. But nevertheless it would be very cool if in addition to iframe embeds, extensions would also work inside obsidian… something like a mini browser inside a note taking application is what i thinking about.


Obsidian is an Electron app which basically provides a Chromium window as the application UI. It looks like extensions aren’t implemented in Electron yet so your request isn’t currently possible. If you’re interested in HTML/browser functionality then read into the iframe support around the forum. - Just noticed you mentioned them in your post.


Oh, i understand now. I am very new to these things… thanks for clarifying!