Watch settings in the .obsidian folder and reload settings automatically

Use case or problem

I have multiple vaults, one personal vault and one for my job.

To save time copying all my settings back and forth any time I make a change, install a theme, add a keybinding etc. I symlinked my personal vault’s .obsidian folder into my job vault, so they share the same settings.

Unfortunately, when I change a setting in one of my vaults, such as setting the color scheme to “dark” because it’s gotten dark out, that setting isn’t applied in my other vault (I have both open at the same time). I have to close and reopen my job vault window for the setting to apply.

Proposed solution

It would be nice if Obsidian watched the files in the .obsidian directory and reloaded the settings when they change.

This would have the bonus effect of allowing scripted changes to settings! Linux users could (for example) use this to implement automatic light/dark mode switching until that functionality is natively added to Electron.

Current workaround (optional)

Restarting my other vaults any time I change a setting. If I forget to restart my other vaults, presumably they might overwrite my changes later, which would be a huge bummer.

Related feature requests (optional)