VS Code Plugin - The best of both worlds

After using obsidian for a while I’ve completely abandoned the habit of having many folders and get super comfortable with MOC. Thanks for the info :wink:

I wish that it was possible to use the Obsidian MD editor on MD notes external to a vault. That could be through stand alone “Obsidian Lite” app, or via an Obsidian VS Code plugin.

The need for this is that I have too many notes for them to fit into one, or even four vaults (without performance grinding to a halt), so invariably I also have lots of MD notes (not necessarily PKM notes, but just general stuff) living in my macOS file system (outside of the vaults) that I need to view/edit now and again. At present I use VS Code to do this to avoid having to introduce another MD editor (like Typora) into my workflow, but it’s jarring moving between the two editors.

Of course, this is a workaround until I can just shove all my 40K notes into one Obsidian vault and it work with the lightening speed that I currently enjoy with Obsidian.

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I do wish obsidian had a lot of the text-editing niceties of vs code - but it’s understandable given the scope of both apps. I have faith that many of these will come in time. The speed of development in obsidian is impressive.

Two related things that i’m missing and a vscode pluggin could solve is to:

  1. Create references from code comments to .md files.
  2. Create references from .md files to blocks / functions in the code

can’t you used advanced uri pluging to create links in comments to a .md file? and from obsidian to code you can use:

[some text](file://drive:/file/path/code.ts)

There are a few plugins for this.

Open Vault in VS Code
Code Editor Shortcuts
Open in Other Editor

and I am sure there are others on GitHub

The Open With plugin for Obsidian is excellent, and has the advantage of being able to open files from your vault in multiple applications, including but not limited to VS Code.

Well in my case i want to do it the other way. I want to add reference in my code.ts comments, to .md files or sections of them.