Visual Management like Heptabase

I was wandering around and learned about Heptabase and got struck like a lightning. I saw there what I was thinking about working visually. I see Juggl coming great at this. A cross with apps like [Miro].
I´m very visual person, I love text, but I get lost easily, after some time, the text becomes an image, something about my mild dyslexia. Those tools help me a lot!.


I also love how Heptabase allows you to create different canvas that you can spcially add and organize your notes onto. The main selling point if you can also draw different containers/area is that you can organically do things like a timeline or a kanban without needing a specialized plugin for every use case.

It’s nice also that is looks like an unlimited canvas, you can zoom out or in until you actually see the content of the notes and can also edit them in place, link them the way you want with a semantic of your choice to be displayed on the link.

Basically the plugin would just have to store for each note appearing in the view its x, y coordinates as well as the links between the notes to appear as arrow on that particular view and any additional grouping, color, background elements that should appear on the canvas (e.g. to create different areas to put notes in).


Thanks! I am currently exploring using Obsidian. I am a seasoned professional visual and spatial thinker with a ton of both sketches, diagrams, articles and more.
I would like to create my own knowledge map, gathering all this content.
So I can finally use and share my learnings.

Internal links are the backbone of Obsidian. I need internal links inside my images too.
My guess that this is perfectly possible and basically not very difficult for Obsidian to implement. I tried Miro and other solutions, but they are to static and limited.
Obsidian feels promising but totally text oriented…
I tottally chime in with your wish to have a way to organize and publish my image content using the power of Obsidian! So please, pretty please?


Totally agree with you, if it gets developped as a plugin it will never live as a first citizen concept, fully supported, synced, or integrated in the product design, and it also won’t get to be enriched further by the community developping functionalities around the new core feature.
Give me canvas to draw in my out, around my notes, that i can dispose my notes in, link them or draw around them and a lot of current plugins become almost useless.
Obisdian at the moment is very text oriented, and although the excalidraw plugin is nice, it’s not as nice as seamlessly adding doodle within my notes and then continuing with the note. Although i paid for obsidian and supports the product i would switch for a product that can bring me full native support for whiteboarding, doodling and typed (semantic) links between the notes ^^
Might want to check out at Heptabase or Scrintal idea, if it doesn’t get in the way of writing then that whiteboarding canvas is a bounty for mind mappers


I created a FR to collect the discussion about visual managment/whiteboard.

I will close this and leave open as a plugin idea.