Hepta as a Plugin

I would love to request “Hepta as a plugin” for Obsidian! Let me lay out my notes as cards on a canvas, let me draw arrows between them, and then let me use the wikilinks to jump around. If I click on a wikilink for a card that is not yet on the canvas, place it there. https://twitter.com/Heptabase/status/1437781867474849798?s=20&t=k9DmtYEpoMQgkSUGN9zflw


I think this the corkboard plugin aims to achieve something like that but no news from it recently


+1 Seriously, this is a great idea, someone work on this

Another interesting new software tool is unigraph https://unigraph.dev/ ; a similar plug-in for obsidian might be also of interest !


Up until now, plugins trying to “embed” obsidian own editor functionalities (like kanban and excalidraw) have to replicate the parsing and logic themselves. I think to fully allow an heptabase-like plugin to exist is the ability to iframe multiple full obsidian editor view. Obsidian editor view must become embaddable and “aware” of it’s surrounding so as to allow graceful resizing and two way communication.

I would totally love the support to make such a plugin possible, but then whole functionality won’t be further enriched by the community. If the functionality becomes core however, then plugins and full community can further enrich the experience :wink:


Scrintal is working on import and export to Obsidian, for even more powerful visuals. https://twitter.com/scrintal/status/1490408810283814912?s=20&t=n5YKRo--BPyeEdhiIaSKug


Similar plugin idea thread:

+1 This would be amazing!

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There’s something AMAZING about this concept. Maybe the Obsidian devs should pay more attention to this, you’re onto something big…

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You can do this with the syntax of mermaid, which supports internal links

Something like Scrintal? + 1

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Does the Hover Editor plugin provide the needed functionality?

The plugin developpers states clearly the core of my remarks : “This plugin leverages Obsidian functionality that is not currently exposed in the official API. As a result, future Obsidian updates may introduce breaking changes.”

It’s another way to put it so that if plugins are to be able to offer an editable view without reimplementing obsidian themselves or making it a subpar experience, obsidian has to support embedded views as if it was opened in the full fledged editor panel

Also one plugin can’t offer functionalities to another plugin so this must be like many things core stuff so that people can build their plugins uppon.