Vim mode CTRL+D navigation is still broken on iPadOS

Continuing the discussion from [BUG] vim mode Ctrl-d navigation is broken:

The comment here says that this bug has been fixed in 0.15.3, however, I can still reproduce it on the latest iPadOS version (1.3.0, 0.15.6 API). It’s the exact same behavior.

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If you are using a Mac keyboard, should it be cmd-d?

No. Vim uses the same modifier key (ctrl) on all platforms for this functionality.

The part which needs fixing is not deleting the character while scrolling half a page.

We can’t reproduce.

Which obsidian version are you using exactly?
Do you have anything below mapped to Ctrl d.

Does it happen in a fresh vault?

Yes, it happens in a fresh vault as well. I have no other bindings to ctrl-d or cmd-d.

Here is the About page from Obsidian:

Same issue here. Pressing ctrl+d moves the cursor down as expected but it also deletes the currently selected character.

I am having the same issue. I’m using the 2021 12.9" iPad pro with the magic keyboard with the latest iOS release. What additional info can I/we provide?

Same issue here. On my Mac Ctrl+D works (moves the cursor 0.5 pages down) in Obisidan. When I connect the same keyboard to the iPad, Ctrl+D deletes the current character and awaits next gesture. E.g. if I press “j” after Ctrl+D, it will delete the entire line.

Same here, on Windows 10, v1.1.9.

Confirming that CTRL+D navigation with vim plugin on iPadOS 16.3.1, Obsidian 1.4.3 is still broken.

Does it happen here on safari mobile?