Vim Key Bindings Behaving Strangely

When using Vim bindings in normal mode (with live preview turned on), if I hit enter to go to a new line then press i to insert and press enter again, the letter i is actually inserted on the line above the current line.

Is this one that’s more likely to originate from CodeMirror? I can raise it there if so

I’ve found an easier way to express this issue and tested that it fails even on a completely new Obsidian vault.

With the Vim keybindings turned on, if a user hits escape then hits i (to go into insert mode) and then hits enter, the letter i is actually printed and then a new line is printed. The expected behaviour is just for the new line to be printed.

Does anyone have an idea of why this might be?

Please share your “Show debug info”

Sounds similar to this one: Vim mode, new window, navigation gets messed up

But I can’t recreate this based on the description of either thread. Can you share a video screenshare or something?

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