View calendar events in daily notes

I’d like to be able to see calendar events in my daily notes. That way I don’t have to leave obsidian to see what’s going on today, or what was going on the day of an old daily note. It’s a nice bit of context.

I could see this working by calling a CalDAV API. I’m not super familiar with the protocol but it seems to be what Google, Apple, and other calendars support for remote queries.


Yeah, me too. I would love to see a calendar integration


Is agree with this. Basically can we implement Org Mode from Emacs :joy:?


That does seem to be the direction obsidian plugins are heading!


I would be more than happy to see a calendar integration. If feasible google calendar integration. Since most of the apps sync with google calendar - I’m specially concerned about google classroom because all assignment and classes get scheduled to google calendar and would want the tasks I make in daily notes(or future date notes) be linked to google calendar so i can put reminders on those tasks as well…and that task will be linked to the notes related to the topic assignment written in obsidian…

(so basically i can get reminders on tasks, see it on google calendar synced to all my devices, use google calendar to access the daily notes page of past, present or future on obsidian, that task linked to the study notes created which was the task needed to be done, all of it just clicks away…just a projection of tasks in daily notes on google calendar) I don’t know how many people need this feature but I would definitely get rid of the void i feel while using obsidian…plus I sometimes forget to integrate all the tasks made in obsidian to google calendar manually and its such a big hassle as i am dependent on google calendar heavily…

moreover it would save your hassle to make a separate calendar for the app!!


This has been exactly my thought all along while using obsidian and trying to incorporate different productivity and note-taking methods. Most (if not all) of it would be solved if we just had (an easier to use) org-mode implemented :stuck_out_tongue:

Google Calendar integration of any kind (be it small / large) would make a huge difference in the use of Daily Notes . Especially users who treat Google Calendar as their major calendar app.


I concur. I posted a help request to see if this kind of calendar integration is possible right now. Apparently the answer is no. I would love to be able to view my Google Calendar events in my daily note. Having everything in one place would be fantastic.

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This will be very helpfull indeed.

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I absolutely agree with this!

I couldn’t agree more to this!

I use gcalcli to get a daily agenda and input it using Text Expander. I know another person has done the same using espanso.

You could also do this with the Templater plugin and a user command.

gcalcli: GitHub - insanum/gcalcli: Google Calendar Command Line Interface
Templater: GitHub - SilentVoid13/Templater: A template plugin for obsidian

gcalcli --calendar [email protected] --nocolor agenda 12am 11pm

I pair it with some custom formatting and the Day Planner plugin to get an agenda in every daily note. Hope this is helpful.


Here’s a Forum post with some approaches using gcalcli!


I basically want what the Agenda mac app does, get your online callendar (idc from where),
make it possible to link to a day or event and sync.

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i agree, it will be great if we will be able to sync our calendar to obsidian daily notes

Yeah. I would love to have a “simple” Plugin exporting Events from Apple Calendar (ical) to daily notes just like the awesome Things Plugiun @liam created.

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+1 for a calendar integration, but a private-centric one. I don’t want to sync my events with anything outside my computer. What I mean by this is that I don’t want to be forced to sync with any cloud calendar if I don’t want to, and work locally instead.

Oh, and reminders for events–a must have :smiley:


There is decsyn which allows you to have your own personal sync service [ using syncthing for example ]. Uses DAV.

The moment Obsidian gets calendaring sync I’ll finally be able to move away from Agenda.

Fantastic idea. I’d loooove such a feature.

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I too would love this feature!