View all orphan notes

Use case or problem

Help find “lost” orphan notes

Proposed solution

Make the search function more customizable and allow to search only on orphan notes, and only on non-orphan notes


Agreed on a built-in search feature to make this an easy toggle.

For now, here’s a solution that has worked for me that will hopefully help you.

The following regex expression will check for the lack of the internal link pattern in the file.


Hat tip to Mike (VIP) for the forum post that led me to this solution.


that is a really good tip, thank you!

There is already a great Plugin for it! “Find unlinked Files”

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This has been already requested in Filter search results for only orphaned notes.
I suggest to merge these requests.
Maybe also with Find orphan notes

Relevant discussion: Searching for notes without links (orphaned notes)

Orphaned groups of nodes are also visible in global graph view and could be analysed in Neo4j Graph View Plugin.