Very critical: Obsidian Sync seems to delete files?

Steps to reproduce

I started using Obsidian Sync a couple of days ago and today I noticed that dozens of notes got deleted. The problem: It wasn’t me. The files are NOT in iCloud but in my user folder. If I open the deleted files section in the sync settings I can see my files but not restore them (see screenshot below). It simply says: This version is already the latest version.


  • Operating system: MacOS Big Sur 11.1
  • Obsidian version: 0.10.7

Additional information

where do you sync these files? Did you set your whole home directory to be your vault?

I have an Obsidian folder in my home directory which contains my vault.

what is the situation in the other computer?

That’s weird… let’s address the two issues separately:

  • Notes getting deleted: Any chance you’re using third party plugins that could be causing deletions? Anything else you’re running on your computer that’s using the folder (you mentioned it’s not on iCloud, but just wondering if there’s anything else).
    Any chance your other machines may be doing something to wipe the files?

  • Restore: I believe you’ll need to navigate to an earlier version of the file to restore it. If it says “This file was deleted”, then that’s just the timestamp/version that the file was deleted at.

I have not dared to look at this point. :grinning: Tried to get the missing files back first.

Definitely start with damage control first. Make sure you have backups and we’ll continue to debug the issue once your files are safe.

I do have several layers of backups thankfully. I’ve never been more grateful for Time Machine than today!

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I think I figured what has happened… I sync an iMac and a MacBook and on the MacBook I had my vault still in iCloud. iCloud and Obsidian Sync messed with each other resulting in data loss. No further incidents so far.

However, I wonder if my issues occurred because one end lived in iCloud whilst the other didn’t? What is the best practice here? Can iCloud and Sync coexist?

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I haven’t checked if this has come up elsewhere, but I’m concerned about this same issue. At the moment I backup my Obsidian vault in iCloud and it’s worked fine if I switch over from my laptop to mobile to at least access my markdown files. But I’m not sure how it’ll work with Obsidian Sync.

I think they can coexist.
However, if you removed the directory from icloud in one computer, it’s possible that at tha moment Icloud deleted your files.