Vault is Missing Daily Notes Prev/Next commands

What I’m trying to do

Navigate to previous/next daily note. There used to be commands in the command palate for this, and they’re there if I create a new vault. But in my main vault those commands have disappeared. They’re still there in the options and I can give them hotkeys, but the hotkeys don’t do anything and when I search for prev or next in the command palate those commands don’t show up. Any idea how to get those back?

Things I have tried

I used diff to compare the .obsidian folder contents between a vault that has these commands and one that doesn’t - other than the defined hotkeys I don’t see any differences that would explain the missing commands.

I’ve tried removing my hotkey definitions for these and reloading - no difference.

I can see these commands in the command palate Pinned Commands and can pin them, but they still don’t show up in the command palate.

I’ve tried disabling all community plugins and reloading - no difference.

By the way, I’m seeing this behavior on both the Linux Desktop and Android versions of Obsidian.

In the troublesome vault, I’d also try quitting → moving the other .json settings files (one-by-one or all at once; however you want to do it) → restarting.

Rare, but a few times I’ve fixed odd issues by starting with a fresh app.json or appearance.json. It’s worth a shot.

Thanks - I spent more time comparing the broken .obsidian folder with a working one. It turns out this line in daily-note.json is what breaks it:

“format”: “YYYY/YYYY-MM-DD ddd”,

It seems any format that includes a directory prefix causes this to happen.

I’m going to mark this as the solution and post this to the bug forum instead.

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Here’s the bug report:

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